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The ultimate travel guide to travel Italy by train

How can I change my ticket?

Changes to the date, time, or itinerary are subject to the fare type chosen. 

Your options are listed below: 

Freccia high-speed (Frecciarossa and Frecciargento) and Intercity trains

  • Base: 
    • Before departure: Unlimited and free changes.
    • After departure: Once, for free only within 1 hour after departure time, only at the ticket counters of the departure station indicated on the ticket.
  • Economy: One change allowed until departure of the train. Departure date or time can only be changed with the same train category or service type previously purchased, exchanging the ticket with a corresponding Base ticket and paying the relative difference in price. The new ticket will have the same characteristics of a Base fare ticket.
  • Super Economy: Unfortunately, these tickets cannot be changed.
  • ME&YOU / Insieme: Changes are not allowed with this fare. 
  • Bimbi Gratis: One change for free until departure, in compliance with the fare rules (timing possible constraints for the issuing included).

Freccia high-speed trains (Frecciarossa and Frecciargento)

  • Offerta A/R in giornata / Speciale A/R in giornata / A/R Frecce in settimana: One change (for each journey) until train departure only for departure time. Departure date cannot be changed and booking change is not allowed if it has already been made the ticket change.

Intercity trains

  • Round trip in the same weekend: One change (for each journey) until train departure only for departure time and departure date cannot be changed.

Eurocity trains (international)

  • Adult / Standard: Changes possible, but price differences need to be paid.
    • Tickets between Italy and Switzerland can be changed before departure.
    • Tickets between Italy and Austria/Germany cannot be changed.
  • Mini / Smart / Smart 2: Tickets cannot be changed unfortunately.

Regional trains

  • Ordinaria: 1 date/time change possible, up until the day before departure.
  • Trenord ordinaria: Unfortunately these tickets cannot be changed at all.

Night train + high-speed train

  •  Notte & AV:  Changes are allowed with ticket change functionality.

Night trains

  • Famiglia: One change for free until departure in compliance with the fare rules before departure.